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Accordion Books: A high-end solution to spice up your product line and make you stand out from other photographers.

Our Super Mini Album™ and Simply Accordion Books™ are made from the same high-quality materials as our Fine Art Books. More Options, More Custom, and High Quality! Every book comes with free extra-strong Earth Magnets to hold them together. Organza Presentation Bags are available for each Super Mini Album™ or Simply Accordion Book™. Please select that option when ordering.

Choose from our Super Mini Album™, Simply Slim™ or Simply Stunning™ Accordion Books are available in over 55 cover options with 4 high quality paper options, each with its own unique look and texture.

Simply Color Lab offers the highest quality paper available in the industry. Our fine art papers were chosen for their performance & beautiful finishes.


Feel Free to Purchase One at a Time -- No Need To Purchase 3!

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The Multiple file layout is no longer availalbe for Accordion Books. You must use our ordering templates to create your album and submit it in ROES.
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Note about Color Correction:  
There is a charge of $1.50 per side for color correction of Accordion Books.
Please select "Color Correction" in the ROES Ordering System if you want to request this service.



Cover Swatches

Over 55 different cover options guarantee that there is something for every type of client.

Accordion Book Templates

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Super Mini Album™ New and Exclusive Product!

 super mini album


Three Styles



Super Mini Album™

2.5" x 3.5"
3" x 3"

Do you want that beautiful wedding album you designed to be seen by hundreds of potential new customers? Sell your clients our Super Mini Album™ and they can carry it with them wherever they go; it's like having a full size album in the palm of their hand. Available in 2.5" x 3."5 with 42 image panels and "3 x 3" with 30 image panels, a compact solution for clients and professionals who love to show off their images. 

Simply Slim Accordion™

2.5" x 3.5"
3" x 3"

The classic accordion done better than ever with more options than any other lab. Available in 2.5" x 3.5" with 14 image panels and 3" x 3" with 10 image panels, The Simply Slim Accordion™ is just a smaller version of the Super Mini Album™.  It works great as a brag book for clients and photographers alike and you don't have to buy three.

Simply Stunning Accordion™

4" x 6"

The standard 4" x 6" is a perfectly sized image to carry with you, offering a larger format to show off your work and for your clients to show off your images to their friends and family.  This beautiful accordion book fits in a purse or your back pocket.  With 10 image panels of 4" x 6" images, the Simply Stunning Accordion™ is, well, simply stunning.



Every Simply Accordion Book™ comes with your choice of one of the high-end press papers listed below.
UV Coating is available on Pearl and Gloss papers.

flat book

Image provided by Lynn Michelle Photography

*UV Coating Available

• Pearl White*
• Gloss*

• Bright Linen