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With a commitment to give you SIMPLY MORE from your color lab, Simply Color Lab is offering NEW Boutique Packaging options to enhance the presentation of your paper prints!

Simplify your order delivery process by having your client's order shipped directly to them in a high quality presentation...Or we'll ship it complete to you so you can deliver the order yourself, leaving your clients with a professional and lasting impression.

Prints are nestled safely in a clear bag, wrapped in soft tissue paper, placed in simple, classic box and complimented with a satin ribbon.  

Boutique Packaging is available for paper print sizes from wallets up to an 11''x14''. Just $6.95 in ROES, personalize your client's orders by mixing and matching various colored boxes and ribbons. 

With Simply Color Lab's Boutique Packaging options, present your clients with a simple, classic and beautiful display of their paper print orders.


Box Options
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Each color is available in three box sizes: 5''x7'', 8''x10'' and 11''x14''.
Standard Black
Chocolate Brown
Sage Green

Compliment each box with a 1 1/2'' thick satin ribbon. Available in colors: baby blue, white, pink, cream, champagne, black, red and sage green.

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