Sizing Templates for Fine Art Books

The Photoshp and InDesign templates below are sized according to the sizes of Fine Art Books that we offer. To download a template, click the link and select "Save As" when prompted. To order, save your finished file as a Level 10 or 12 JPEG and upload to our ordering system.

All templates are sized to the exact size at 300dpi.

How to Download
& Use the Templates

Photoshop Sizing Templates


5x5 Photoshop Template
8.5x11 Photoshop Template
8x8 Photoshop Template

8x12 Photoshop Template
10x10 Photoshop Template



11x.8.5 Photoshop Template
12x8 Photoshop Template
12x12 Photoshop Template
12x18 Photoshop Template


InDesign Sizing Templates

View instructions for using InDesign Sizing Templates


5x5 InDesign Template
8.5x11 InDesign Template

8x8 InDesign Template
8x12 InDesign Template
10x10 InDesign Template




11x.8.5 InDesign Template
12x8 InDesign Template
12x12 InDesign Template
12x18 InDesign Template