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Canvas Backdrops

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Select 'Canvas Backdrops'

Turn-around time:
3 Business Days

Shipping Time:
1-5 Business days to the US/Canada


Unlike other "shiny" poly or vinyl backdrops, our glare-free canvas backdrops let you spend less time lighting and more time shooting. Select up to 3 designs per backdrop, get 3 for the price of one.  

Choose between a Single Drop, Twin Drop or Triplet Drop



triplet drop

twin drop 

Our most versatile Triplet Drop lets you choose
three designs for the same price as one, saving
you money, time and space in your studio.

The possibilities are endless.

You can now get wood molding printed on Triplet Drops. Wood molding will be added on both sides of your chosen center design.

15 ft backdrops have 3 designs each 5ft
10 ft backdrops have 3 designs each 3.3ft

Our Twin Drop lets you choose two designs on a
single backdrop. Create the illusion of a floor-to-wall look by selecting one of our amazing "wall" designs and one of our stunning "floor" patterns.

Select from 7 different wood molding options to be printed directly on your backdrop.


Use our designs and create your

own backdrop with up to 3 custom designs at no additional charge


backdrop designs

single Pricing and Ordering Instructions

We've found the top designers in the industry and they are adding more designs everyday


Wood Molding Options

If you choose a Single Drop, the wood molding will be placed at the bottom edge of the design when it is printed.

If you choose a Twin Drop, the wood molding will be placed at the bottom edge of the top Backdrop Design you placed in ROES when it is printed.

If you choose a Triplet Drop, the wood molding will be placed on either side of the center Backdrop Design you placed in ROES when it is printed.






natural medium light  

Light Cherry

Dark Cherry



light cherry dark cherry white black

Backdrops are introductory priced so they cannot be purchased with Canvas Cash or Simply Cash.

Simply Color Lab only sells to professional photographers and has a strict policy against showing consumers pricing. However, in the case of backdrops we feel it is appropriate to show pricing since these are not items for resale to consumers. After the introductory sale, the pricing will be removed. Shipping is free within the Continental US only. $20 Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. Call Customer Service for a quote on International shipping costs. Simply Cash cannot be combined with the introductory pricing because the backdrop is already discounted. Once introductory pricing has expired, Simply Cash will become valid on backdrops.