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Fine Art Books

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To order in ROES:
Select 'Fine Art Books'

Turn-around time:
5 Business Days

Shipping Time:
1-5 Business days to the US/Canada


See Standard Pricing Below.

Each additional side of Traditional Paper is $0.88
Each additional side of Premium Felt Paper is $1.50


Size Chunky
5x5 $72.69
8x8 $102.08
8.5x11 $122.30
11x8.5 $122.30
10x10 $123.64
8x12 $123.64
12x12 $130.00


Standard Prices include Traditional Paper, 20 printed sides with a Paper Cover.
Use ROES ordering system for prices on additional cover and inside paper options.

USA Shipping

Product Quantity Shipping Price
Fine Art Books any $9.95

Canada Shipping

Order Price Shipping Price
Fine Art Books $19.99