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Turn-around time:
3 Business Days

Shipping Time:
1-5 Business days to the US/Canada


Choose from our Retractable Photo Stands or X Photo Stands. Light Weight Photo Stands to use an awesome marketing tool or client product. Photo Stand prices vary depending on size and model. Easy online ordering available through ROES! *Shipping is a flat rate of $9.95 within the contingent USA.
X Photo Stands- 68'' Tall/Giant Stands- 76'' Tall
Width Height Buy 1 Buy 2 Buy 3
24 64 $102.47 $164.57 $232.88
53 72 $232.88 $336.38 $429.53

Replacement Photo Banners and Custom Photo Banners are also available for purchase in ROES.
Replacement Photo Banners
31'' Retractable $102.47
46'' Retractable $133.52
53'' Retractable $154.22
X Frame $81.77

Custom Photo Banners
24x48 $50.72
24x72 $71.42
24x96 $92.12
36x48 $71.42
36x72 $102.47
36x96 $112.82
54x48 $102.47
54x72 $154.22
54x96 $205.97
Options for Custom Banners
Add grommets

Add Wooden Dowel Rods
(for 24'' and 36'' only) $15.00
Add Aluminum Hanging Rods
24'' set $29.00
36'' set $39.00
54'' set $59.00

Add Hanger Kit for Aluminum Hanging Rods
**30 Day Photo Banner Guarantee**

Simply Canvas Photo Banners are guaranteed for 30 days.  When you receive your Photo Banner please open your package and inspect the Photo Banner thoroughly.  Check the image quality and open and close the banner to ensure it is working properly.
If you have any issues or concerns please contact us within 30 days to get a replacement.  Unfortunately, after 30 days we cannot offer a replacement for images scratched or mechanical damages caused after the product was received.

USA Shipping

Product Quantity Shipping Price
Photo Stands
1 to 3 $9.95
4 to 6 $19.90
7 to 9 $29.85

Canada Shipping

Product Shipping Price
Photo Stands