Marketing Plan

Year Round

Model Application for all current high school students online

Include a link on every mass email studio sends regardless of type
Facebook campaign and process for showcasing 2-3 images for each senior
Small budget for Facebook ads

Jan 1 to Jan 15 Blog and Website Updated to reflect new class logo and colors and fonts
Send email/fb message with info about program and dates of meeting
Final Call for models should be Jan 15
Model Packets to finalized and printed
Feb 1 to Feb 15 Follow up with late-sign up models and continue quest for more
Feb 15 to Feb 28 As models are completed, finalize the tri-fold brochure, send to print
As models are completed, update price guide, sample book, magazine
March 1 to March 15 Begin to Update Senior Magazine
March 15 to March 30 Design first postcard and send to print
April 1 to April 15 Order Mail List
April 15 to April 30 Design second post card and send to print
May 1 - May 15 Send first post card
May 15 - May 30 Send second post card

June 1 - June 15 Design and send third post card
June 15 - June 30 Design and send fourth post card
Mid to End of December Roll Out Unique logo for upcoming class
Assemble final list of models
Send blast email to past senior lists we have asking for junior names
Begin updating model packet
Set Model Meeting Dates

Marketing Materials
Mini (T#100) Core (T#200) Hefty (T#300)
Direct Mail 2 mailings of 1000 5x7 (2000) 3 mailings of 1500 5x7 (7500) 4 mailings of 2000 5x7 (8000)
Sales/Promo Postcards
Confirmation Card 100 (5.5x4) Flats 200 (7x5) Flats 300 (7x5) Flats
Session Confirmation Would
recommend link to additional
info on web.
Price List 100 (7x5) Flats 200 (7x5) Foldeed 300 (5x5) Tri-Folds
This would be an abbreviated
version for reference. Larger
online version should be offered.
Reminder Cards 150 Business Cards 250 Business Cards 350 Business Cards
These are used to remind
clients of upcoming
sales session or of
online viewing info.
Bookmark 200 Bookmarks (2.5x7) 300 Bookmarks (2.5x7)
Use as a thank you tag,
find us on facebook,
or referral card.
Final Contact Card 300 Business Cards
Use as last offer in
final order, referral card,
bag tag.

Product Recommendations

Mini (T#100 Core (T#200) Hefty (T#300)
Wall Portrait/Collage Up to 20x20 Wrapped Up to 30x30 Wrapped Canvas Cluster - 40x60
Composite Piece 10x20 on Fine Art Paper 12x24 on Fine Art Paper 14x30 on Fine Art Paper
Accordion Albums 1-2.5x3.5 Accordion 2-2.5x3.5 Accordion 1-4x6 Accordion and 2-2.5x3.5 Accordion
Album 8x8 8x8 and 10x10 10x10 and (2)-8x8
For Mom, Sen, Gpts
Announcements 4x5.5 Flat - Qty 50 5x7 Folded - Qty 50 5x5 Tri Fold - Qty 50
Annc/Grad Party

Bookmark 100 200 300
Give Away at Party (all the same) (2-Designs) (3-Designs)
Thank You Cards 4x5.5 Folded - Qty 50 4x5.5 Folded - Qty 75 4x5.5 Folded - Qty 100
For Gifts from Party

Model Add On Pack - (50 of Each Piece)

Intial Contact Card

5.5x4 Flat Card

Use as thank you for signing
up to model mtg or need more models.

Postcard/What to Bring Card 7x5 Flat Card
Confirmation of mode session time,
what to bring, link to web.
Reminder Cards Business Cards
5 diff sets (250 total) Viewing, Album PU,
2nd Session, Web View Order.

50 Sets of 50 Cards Each
These are intended to be given
to each model and individualized
for each model

*** Depending on market, they may
actually need more of these