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I didn’t know you could do that! Press Product Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Well, hurt your business anyway.  Staying on top of the latest trends can really set your studio apart from others in your area.  Every product you send out becomes a calling card. But, the same is true for your competitors.  If the coolest, newest, most exclusive must-haves are being shown around town by your competitor, customers  think they have no choice but to go to their door to buy it.    By the time a customer shows you a product and asks if you have it, you’ve already lost countless other sales.

On the Blog, we’re going to be doing a series of articles about cool new products you didn’t realize you can create at Simply Color Lab. And, to go along with it, Simply Color Lab decided to introduce an on-going BOGO Press Sale, check it out here.  Yep, that’s right, every time you order Press Cards (including your stickers and magnets), you get a second set FREE.

Perforated Press Printed Cards.

Did you know we can cut Perforated Cards?  You know–a card with a section that is made to be torn out.  Recently, Suzanne of SHE PAPERIE + Design Boutique sent us a wedding invitation that had a perforated RSVP postcard attached to it, which got us thinking—this type of design could be used for nearly anything!

Think about it, a press card with a perforated tear-off is genius. For instance, chances are, if you’re in the photography business, you’ve shot a few baby-belly pictures. Odds are that Mom is  going to have a baby shower. So, wouldn’t it be great to offer her the option to also order baby-shower invites through you?  Besides the obvious perforated RSVP  that they just tear off and mail back, they could have their Registry Information as a perforated section–something small they can tear off and put in their wallet.  I know I’ve forgotten a few times where I put an invite and had totally not remembered where they registered!  Maybe the date and time of the party could be on there as well.  Again, if it’s a large invitation, I tend to put it up some place out of the way and then forget where it is.   Since it’s a Press Printed Card, you can print on both sides. So why not even put a cute image of the pregnant mother on one side?  That would definitely get saved!

Another great, but different opportunity for a perforated card is using it for marketing & advertisement. Every professional photographer should want to spread the word about their business, its promotions and sales. A great way to do this is by sending out a mailer with a perforated coupon, gift certificate or special offer attached.

What about  Birthday parties?  And don’t forget the Graduates.  Print the invites with a perforated RSVP or use the example above and just put the date/time/location on it  with the Senior’s or Guest of Honor’s photo on the other side.  The possibilities are endless.

It’s that time of year so get thinking about holiday perforated cards.   You can get really crazy with this one!  How about a trifold holiday card with a perforated “ornament”?   Add a punch hole to the top of the perforated part and, with a litle ribbon, this goes right on the recipients’ trees.   It’s one thing to find out your holiday card made the mantel…it’s a whole other thing to make the Christmas tree.

So this Holiday Season create some amazing designs that will have your entire area talking about your studio and not some online consumer ordering company with really cheap, but not quite as cool, holiday cards.  Or worse yet, they’ll be talking about your competitor who already thought of this idea.

Next step is finding out how to set it up & order it through Simply Color Lab.

Choose one of our standard templates and design your perforated card.  Be sure to place “dashes” directly beside the fold you want perforated.  (We’ll remove these dashes before we print)   When you enter our ROES ordering system, be sure to note that this is a perforated design in the special ordering instructions.

We loved She Paperie’s designs so much we asked Suzanne a few questions about how she uses Press Products for her clients.

Suzanne of SHE PAPERIE + Design Boutique

Q: The perforated card was a pretty unique idea—where did you get your inspiration?

My inspiration came in the form of  having to fulfill a need that this particular client had.  Since 350 wedding invitations were being sent out, we wanted to figure out a way to have an RSVP card be utilized in a more affordable manner.  So by having the RSVP card mailed back in the form of a postcard, we cut out the cost of needing to use an extra envelope to mail it back in.  Additionally, a post card stamp was utilized to save money on postage instead of using one that was $0.45.  So after I had this concept going in my head, I called up the great team at Simply Color Lab to see if perforating was a finishing service that was offered and once I found out that it was, I put the idea into motion immediately.  The end result (thankfully) turned out to be just how I envisioned it!

Q: Do you find more people want wedding invitations that include tear off cards? If yes, why do you think that is?

This was actually the first time I had utilized a tear off style RSVP card, but I do think it’s a clever concept and will certainly be suggesting it to my clients in the future!

Q:  How do you create unique designs for each customer?

At SHE PAPERIE + Design Boutique, custom ensembles are our specialty!  We spend a great deal of time during the consultation phase getting to know a couples’ personal wedding style and what vision they hold for all of their wedding stationery needs.  Each wedding suite we create is really a direct expression for the couple it is designed for.  There is usually a wedding vibe or motif couples plan to weave into their wedding day and we take cues from those details and create an invitation that is as unique as they are.  We like to pair the look of classic wedding stationery with modern color schemes, beautiful typography, unique graphics, and there is almost always a handmade touch incorporated into a design; whether it be adding a wax seal, applying a Swarovski crystal, or even using fabric or various elements of nature on the ensemble.  I like to think outside the box and bring new meaning to the phrase pushing the envelope.  We’re a boutique-style design studio and we create special pieces by the hundreds, not mass produce designs by the tens of thousands.  We go for the wow factor!   And even if the recipients aren’t all paper aficionados, everyone knows when they receive something extra special in the mail, especially in this electronic era.

Q:   Do you have any tips for creating unique, fun wedding/reception cards like this one?
My best tip for creating unique, fun wedding invitations would be to dare to be different and seek out the personal touches that can be woven into a design, particularly ones that are extra special to the guests of honor.  As I always say, the invitation sets the tone for any type of event and gives the guests a preview of what’s to come.  Why not make it extra special and unique?!

Q:   What advice do you have for bringing customers on-board with  your creativity?
Since the couples themselves really are my inspiration, I just try to encourage them to share details with me that may be helpful during the design process.  For example, we once designed an invitation around a couple’s love for traveling and the invitation itself arrived tucked inside of a paper airplane.  It was a hit, but had they not shared this information, the invitation could have gone in a totally different direction.   To me, the ultimate compliment is when we hear the words “that is JUST what we had in mind” and that’s exactly what we strive for each and every time.

Article Written by: Merrie Casteel, Simply Color Lab’s in-house Marketing Guru, and Olivia Day, Simply Color Lab Marketing Coordinator. www.SimplyColorLab.com