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Heritage Wood Prints

Heritage Wood Prints Heritage Wood Clusters Heritage Wood Letters & Numbers Heritage Wood Accordions If you like the look of wood prints but want full color and richness in their images. our new Heritage Wood Prints are for you.   Whereas a traditional wood print is a print transfer process that allows some of the natural


Press Printed Cards: Product Handouts & Advertisement for Your Studio Have you ever wondered what you can do to up-sell some of your products?  Here in the Simply Color Lab world of Marketing, we think about that every second of every day. So, when our lovely press team brought me a “hand-out” card they printed

Give Metal a Chance

Have you ever seen a Rembrandt? The Night Watch, Rembrandt …A painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn to be exact (just in case your neighbor happens to be Rembrandt Smith, or something). One of his pieces includes the oh-so-popular,The Night Watch. Notice how luminous and realistic it looks? They really are one-of-a-kind! I’m sure Rembrandt

Simply the Best

Did you hear the big news? Simply Color Lab's high-end photo prints were voted Simply the Best quality by professional photographers, beating out 11 other professional photo print labs! I Heart Faces, a popular teaching and inspiring photography blog, (with nearly 70,000 Facebook likers) conducted a totally blind photo lab experiment by sending the same photos

The Ruff Business

Four legs, smiles, fur & a camera are just a few things that Jamie Pflughoeft experiences every day as a professional pet photographer. Jamie owns Cowbelly Pet Photography, a Seattle-based company that specializes in taking pictures of cats and dogs. Recently, we spoke with Jamie about her business. As an undergrad studying animal behavior at the
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