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Heritage Wood Prints

Heritage Wood Prints Heritage Wood Clusters Heritage Wood Letters & Numbers Heritage Wood Accordions If you like the look of wood prints but want full color and richness in their images. our new Heritage Wood Prints are for you.   Whereas a traditional wood print is a print transfer process that allows some of the natural color and grain to show slightly through the image, Heritage Woods prints are a Fine Art Paper Mounted directly to 3/4” wood with hand sanded corners.  No wood color or grain shows through these prints so you get the look of a wood print with true color and clarity in the printed image. Available in two finishes, the final product has a hand-made artisan effect. Heritage Wood Prints Finish Options:Exclusive


Press Printed Cards: Product Handouts & Advertisement for Your Studio Have you ever wondered what you can do to up-sell some of your products?  Here in the Simply Color Lab world of Marketing, we think about that every second of every day. So, when our lovely press team brought me a “hand-out” card they printed for a customer, it got the gears in my head spinning [contrary to popular belief, they do work…sometimes they just need a little oil ;-)]. This particular card has her pricing list printed on one side and canvas sets & packages on the other side---um, Wow! Now this is an awesome way for studios to show their offerings. Not only could this type of hand-out card show the products you

Top 5 Fall Family Portrait Tips and Tricks

Fall seems to have become everyone's favorite season. The leaves are changing, the smell of Pumpkin Spice is in the air, and....it's family portrait season! Family portraits can be fun but they can also be challenging, especially with large families or grumpy children. Here are the 5 best tips and tricks to achieve the perfect, most natural family portraits! 1.Photograph all possible combinations of family members. You want to make sure you get as many good photos as possible, and by catching different members together is the best way to achieve this. Combinations can include: mom and dad, dad and kids, mom and kids, just kids...you get the picture. (No pun intended) 2.Keep the members who aren't in the frame engaged in the photo shoot.  You

The Nitty Gritty of a Photography Business

Have you ever wondered how to improve your photography business? Besides capturing stunning and innovative photos, of course! Owning a photography business is a tough, competitive field that requires a lot of attention and maintenance. And unless you have an assistant, you're usually doing everything, including marketing, bookings, and the shoots on your own. Recently, we asked our Facebook "likers" what was the best advice they have ever received as a photographer? A few said fair prices. Money is always a sticky subject, but a crucial one nonetheless. Prices need to be high enough that you can sustain a living but low enough to attract clients. You have to know your worth and make sure to demonstrate that to your clients, on your website, and

Getting to Know Simply Color Lab

For those of you who may not know us, we are Simply Color Lab...the #1 photo lab choice for Professional Photographers! CEO, Adam Fried, created this company back in 2005, and we have since strived to produce the best quality photo prints in the country. We started out as Simply Canvas, but after four successful years, Simply Color Lab was put into motion. We now offer a multitude of photo products for our customers to sell to their clients, from high quality Canvas Prints to our Simply Color Lab exclusive three-dimensional Art Walls! Our production line consists of a team of professionals who hand-craft all of our gorgeous products and never send anything less than flawless out the door. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and

Simply the Best

Did you hear the big news? Simply Color Lab's high-end photo prints were voted Simply the Best quality by professional photographers, beating out 11 other professional photo print labs! I Heart Faces, a popular teaching and inspiring photography blog, (with nearly 70,000 Facebook likers) conducted a totally blind photo lab experiment by sending the same photos to 12 different Professional Print labs to compare and contrast the quality.  None of the labs knew they were being judged, and none of the judges knew which lab sent which images.  (And we should add that none of the labs are sponsors of I Heart Faces) And guess what...In the end, Simply Color Labs’ prints came out on top in each and every category.  Even the I Heart Faces

Revealing the Magic Behind the Production Process: Canvas Edition

Imagine capturing a breath-taking photograph of a sun setting with your Nikon D300S and thinking, "Wow! That would look great on my wall!" So you open up the ROES ordering system and order a 16x20 Canvas from your favorite photo print lab, Simply Color Lab / Simply Canvas, which you can find here! You send your order, walk away from your computer, and continue on with your day. A few days later a package magically appears on your doorstep. You tear the box open, eager to see what's inside, and....Voilà! The canvas print you ordered sits neatly in the package and now hangs on your wall. As magical as the whole process may seem, with signals being sent through airwaves and boxes appearing out of

Perfect Mothers Day Sale in 3 Easy Steps

Get Ready for the Perfect Mother's Day Sale and Save 35% any day you choose! Read on to find out how some of our best customers take advantage of this sale each year by creating the perfect Mothers day sale for their customers…and you could  get your Mothers Day Sale orders COMPLETELY FREE Pick ONE day before May 1 and save on Gallery Wraps, Metal Prints, Image Pops, Canvas Connectibles & Wood Prints.             With Guaranteed delivery in time for Mothers day Use CodeMomSave 1. Send out an email and post on social media showcasing some of your great products and remind your customers that your products are the perfect gift for Moms.  Add a special offer if you’d like.  Most people have

Different Kinds of Canvas Gallery Wraps and Pricing

Why are there different kinds of Canvas Gallery Wraps and Pricing?   Seems like we get this question at least once a week.  So, we thought we’d end the confusion.  Yes, there are different kinds of Gallery Wraps.  The Traditional and the New Kind, what we call Canvas Wrap Blocks.  Both are pictured here…they look almost identical from the front. First, the good news is that we have both! And if you considering offering both types, the benefit to purchasing them both from the same company is that there will be no variances in color and quality within your product line up.  We use the same canvas and printing process for both types.   Second, for some reason several companies that only produce the new kind also call their Canvas

David Hakamaki gives Senior Design Cubes “Home Run” Review!

Written by David Hakamaki, owner of Cutting Edge Photography Senior Design Cubes a HIT! Making yourself stand out in the crowded Senior Portrait market is difficult. Wanting to put distance between my studio and my competitors, Simply Color Lab and I worked together on a product that is expected to gain maximum “WOW” factor from both Seniors and parents. After numerous discussions and designs, Simply Color Lab has released their Senior Design Cubes by David Hakamaki. I tested out a set in my studio and found that these exceeded my expectations for construction and performance in my Senior business. These are also a monster HIT with my clients. They make me look unique and the students are buzzing about wanting their portraits with these Senior
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