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Press Printed Cards: Product Handouts & Advertisement for Your Studio

Have you ever wondered what you can do to up-sell some of your products?  Here in the Simply Color Lab world of Marketing, we think about that every second of every day. So, when our lovely press team brought me a “hand-out” card they printed for a customer, it got the gears in my head spinning [contrary to popular belief, they do work…sometimes they just need a little oil ;-)]. This particular card has her pricing list printed on one side and canvas sets & packages on the other side—um, Wow! Now this is an awesome way for studios to show their offerings.

Not only could this type of hand-out card show the products you offer, it also could act as advertisement for your studio. Everybody could always do with a little bit of advertising and this is a great way to do it. Selling your business should be a HUGE part of what you do. Remember, you can’t increase your clientele if they’ve never heard of you.

I certainly won’t claim to be an expert, but I have spent enough time in advertising to see what the basics for success are. Here at Simply Color Lab, I get to see the images customers send us and it’s pretty obvious to me all of the different styles each customer has for shooting photos. Style is a good thing. I had an art instructor in college who taught us that the key to being successful in art is to develop your own style & carry that throughout your work. While I’m sure many of you know this, I still think it is important to mention because I think it is true.

People associate things with your business when you have a particular style. That being said, I think it would be a good idea to design hand-outs based on your style. Maybe there is a particular photo you’ve taken that would look fabulous printed on a handout. Be sure to include your logo…logos are always important. Have you ever taken that Logo Quiz where you guess whose logo it is without having any clues? I think that in itself gets my point across. Of course you would also want to include any contact info & websites on the hand-out as well.

So, let’s get to the juicy part—Simply Color Lab can make all of this possible for you! We print a wide-array of press products for almost anything—including hand-outs: Click for Press Products. If you give us a design, we will print it. “How do I get you my design,” you ask? Well, simply log-on to our ROES ordering system, and under the Press Products catalog, choose between Die-Cut Press Products, Pop-Up Press Products or Standard Press Products.

Custom & Standard Die-Cut Press Products

If you are looking for something more traditional, try one of our Standard Press cards. These range from flat cards to single and tri-fold cards. But, if you are looking for something totally unique, here’s where you can get funky. We have free design templates (click here to see ’em), but if you have a template of your own, we can also print that. Maybe you want to do something fun to show that you shoot weddings. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to hand-out cards shaped as wedding bells? Print your logo & samples of your photography on the front & your product offerings on the back. Or, what about printing a card in the shape of an apple to promote your senior photography? And while I’m at it, start thinking about the holidays. Include die-cut “ornaments” with the same info on them in every sale you have, hand them out to friends, clients, etc. The possibilities are endless.Click Here for Custom Die Cuts!

Speaking of endless, our press products aren’t exclusive to cards; we also offer stickers too (Stickers). Wouldn’t it be fun to know that your business has its presence on refrigerators all throughout town? Okay, so it’s not Times Square, but hey—it would be getting the word about your business out! You can order these in our ROES under the “Magnets” catalog—which also includes standard & die-cut templates.

So, in conclusion, this article was meant to give you some insight on the trends we’re seeing here at Simply Color Lab and to give you some tips on how you can better-promote your business—and hopefully it helped. But, keep in mind that these products aren’t just for you, we can also make them for your clients…either way, they are guaranteed to be a hit.

This article was written by Olivia Day, Marketing Coordinator at Simply Color Lab.