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Heritage Wood Letters & Numbers

From: $55.30


Heritage Wood Prints Finish Options:

Exclusive Hand-Sanded Edges with Rounded Corners

Heirloom Finish

The Heirloom prints come with a Fine Art Linen Paper Print sprayed with a subtle UV coating then Hand Mounted and Hand Sanded with rounded corners and hand sanded beveled front edges for a slightly aged or “Heirloom” look (click photo for larger image). *SPECIAL NOTE FOR LETTERS AND NUMBERS: Due to the tight nooks and crannies of the letters and number shapes we can not sand the edges of the heirloom finish for letters and numbers; the only difference will be the paper type.

-UV Sprayed Linen Paper
-3/4” Wood Mount
-2 Letter/Number Sizes- 16” tall & 24” tall

Legacy Finish

The Legacy Finish is a UV Laminated Fine Art Luster Print that is Hand Mounted with hand sanded rounded corners, but without the sanded beveled front edges. These will have straight front edges (click photo for larger image).

-UV Laminated Luster Paper
-3/4” Wood Mount
-2 Letter/Number Sizes- 16” tall & 24” tall

Eagle Cleat

All Heritage Numbers & Letters come with eagle cleat for easy hanging. (click photo for larger image).

Heritage Wood Letters & Number Templates



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