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Our fine-art papers were chosen based on their look, feel and performance guaranteeing you a beautiful finish that’s both unique and classy. Paper choices include Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers, Eco-Friendly Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers and Traditional Fine Art Papers. Contact customer service about UV coating.

Protect your print with lamination*
*Lamination will show up as an option in ROES for the products with which it’s available. The surface of the laminate is matte. The surface of the laminated print will appear more matte than non-laminated Luster and Metallic prints.

From 3.5×5” to 40×60”, custom sizes also available.
Traditional and Fine Art Paper
Production Time
2 Business Days

German Etching
Photo Rag
Bright Rag

Traditional Paper Fine Art Paper
2.5×3.5″ $1.05
3.5×5″ $2.09
4×6″ $2.87
5×5″ $2.99
5×7″ $4.18
8×8″ $7.63 $32.31
8×10″ $8.17 $40.38
8×12″ $9.23 $48.47
10×10″ $9.92 $50.49
11×14″ $13.48 $56.87
12×12″ $13.43 $53.17
12×18″ $16.90 $79.75
16×16″ $17×41 $94.54
16×20″ $21.76 $98.13
16×24″ $26.11 $100.52
20×20″ $27.20 $103.05
20×24″ $32.65 $116.67
20×30″ $40.80 $145.82
24×24″ $39.17 $139.99
24×30″ $55.11 $174.98
24×36″ $58.76 $182.85
30×30″ $61.20 $184.81
30×40″ $84.78 $198.12
40×40″ $108.80 $264.17
40×60″ $163.21 $303.23

How do I order in ROES?
To order Fine Art Prints select “Photo & Fine Art Prints” in ROES.

What is the production turn-around time?
The production turn-around time for Fine Art Prints is 2 Business Days

What is the shipping turn-around time?
Fine Art Prints have a one to five (1-5) day shipping turn-around time for US & Canada

How do I file prep for Fine Art Prints?
Please submit your file as a JPEG, TIFF or PNG at 300ppi, in sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998) or ProPhoto RGB color space.

What type of files would you prefer for paper prints?
Simply Color Lab prefers that you submit your images as jpg’s when uploading your files. If you have a question about a file type, feel free to contact us for more information.
Canvas files should be a minimum of 100ppi at target dimensions.
Paper print files should be a minimum of 200ppi at target dimensions.
Vivid Prints and Press product files should be a minimum of 300ppi at target dimensions.

Do we scan negatives?
To ensure a high level quality print, Simply Color Lab only accepts digital files.

Do you offer color correction?
Color Correction is Free on Fine Art and Canvas prints and charged by the print for Vivid Prints. Press Printed Accordion Books and Super Mini Accordion Books are color corrected at a rate of 1.50 per panel. Press Printed Fine Art Books are color corrected at a rate of $1.50 per side. Our printing technicians can also retouch your photos and complete Photoshop work for a small fee; contact us for a free quote.

Can I do my own color correcting?
If you choose to color correct your own images we highly recommend downloading and previewing your images using our soft proofing profiles on a correctly calibrated monitor. If you choose to have Simply Color Lab correct your file, our trained printing experts will print for best possible color and density. Color and density is subjective and prints may appear differently under varied lighting conditions. Reprints due to color and density will be reviewed on a per print basis and may, at our request, require a matched paper print to be supplied to insure satisfaction.

Do I need to set up my files before ordering it in the ROES ordering software?
We highly suggest that you set up your files in Photoshop before ordering it in ROES. This way you can check to make sure that all of your files are set up properly.

Will my image be pixilated?
Absolutely not! If your file is crisp going in, it will be crisp coming out, as long as the dpi is correct. We need your file to be sized at actual size 100ppi for Canvas, 200ppi for Fine Art Prints, and 300ppi for Vivid Prints, Press Printed Products, and Specialty Photo Products.

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German Etching


100% Alpha-Cellulose, White Mould-Made

German Etching is one of the most popular media worldwide for artwork and photography.



100% Alpha-Cellulose, Bright White

The term, “Torchon” is French for “coarse structure”. The special surface of this paper reflects this.

Fine Art Pearl


100% Alpha-Cellulose, Bright White Pearl Finish

The bright white of Fine Art Pearl enables impressive contrasts and pictorial depth in black and white or color photography.

Photo Rag


100% Cotton Rag

The fine, smooth surface and feel of Photo Rag makes this paper very versatile.

Photo Rag Bright White


Photo Rag Bright White is the first choice for all users who prefer an extraordinarily bright white cotton paper.

Fine Art Baryta


100% Alpha-Cellulose, Bright White High-Gloss

Fine Art Bartya is a paper that sets the benchmark for high color depth, large color gamut and image definition.


Eco-Friendly Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper


Our Bamboo Paper is the world’s finest digital fine art inkjet paper made from bamboo fibers, which combines spiritual photography and environmental friendliness. Warm fine art paper that has a smooth finish.


Traditional Fine Art Paper


E Surface, instant dry coating and excellent scratch resistance


Traditional Fine Art Paper


High gloss, instant dry coating and excellent scratch resistance


Traditional Fine Art Paper


100% Alpha-Cellulose

Elegant linen textured finish and beautiful bright white color

Metallic Photo Paper

Traditional Fine Art Paper


Silver Metallic is a glossy, heavyweight pearlescent photo paper with a silver, metallic base. It is made with a ceramic micro-porous coating technology that stabilizes color immediately for extremely accurate color profiling and will maintain it for years. For pricing information, use the traditional paper prints custom calculator on the 100% digital prints pricing page.

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