Canvas Float Wraps


Our slimmed down, almost gravity defying Wrap. Like Gallery Wraps, Float Wraps are stretched tightly around a solid surface with tight corners. A little bit of magic helps this product “float” ½ inch away from the wall; and by magic we mean a hidden wooden hanging cleat mounted to the back. Metal hanging hardware, a more visible option, is also available.

From 4×6” to 30×40”
Hanging Hardware
Wood Hanging Cleat, Metal Hanging Hardware
Production Time
3 Business Days


Wood Cleat

Metal Hardware

4×6 $21.34 $28.08
5×7 $23.58 $30.32
6×6 $21.34 $28.08
6×12 $25.83 $32.57
6×20 $33.69 $40.44
8×8 $25.83 $32.57
8×10 $25.83 $32.57
8×30 $38.19 $44.93
10×20 $38.19 $44.93
10×40 $52.79 $61.78
11×14 $35.94 $38.19
12×12 $31.45 $38.19
12×18 $38.19 $44.93
12×24 $40.44 $47.18
16×16 $38.19 $44.93
16×20 $41.56 $48.30
16×24 $55.04 $61.78
18×36 $66.28 $73.02
20×20 $47.18 $53.92
20xx24 $51.67 $58.41
20×30 $58.41 $65.15
24×24 $61.78 $67.40
24×30 $65.15 $71.89
24×36 $73.02 $79.76
30×30 $83.13 $89.87
30×40 $88.75 $95.49

How do I order in ROES?
To order Canvas Float Wraps select “Canvas Float Wrap” in ROES.

What is the production turn-around time?
The production turn-around time for Canvas Float Wraps is 3 Business Days.

What is the shipping turn-around time?
Canvas Float Wraps have a one to five (1-5) day shipping turn-around time for US & Canada

How do I file prep for Canvas Float Wrap?
The first step is to correctly setup your file for printing. Whatever your target size is for the front face of the canvas, you want to add an additional 4 inches for the height and the width. This will create a 2 inch border on each side for the wrap of the canvas. Second, pull your guide lines for your rulers in Photoshop 2 inches from each edge. This will create the template for your target size. Anything inside the guides will be on the front face of the canvas. Anything outside the lines will be the wrap of the canvas. Third, drag your image into the template and adjust the image to the cropping of your choice. Use the guides for placement of your image. For example, if you are ordering a 16×20, the file would need to be set up as a 20×24 at 100ppi.

What is digital stretching?
Digital stretching is a printing option for the sides of the canvas (wrap). It means that we take a slight piece of our image on each side and stretch it to make it fit the sides of the canvas. This will give you the effect of your image looking naturally wrapped around the frame. The more of the image we stretch, the more the image will look distorted. The less we have to stretch the image, the less it will look distorted. Keep in mind this applies to the sides of the canvas only, not the face of the canvas. You would choose this option if you do not want to lose your cropping for the front face of the canvas.

What are the Canvas Float Wrap shipping costs?
For the below shipping charges you may order as many prints as you desire within a size tier. If you order prints that fit within multiple shipping tiers, you will only be billed the price of the shipping on the largest print ordered.
4×6 to 10×20 – $7.95
16×16 to 24×24 – $14.95
24×30 and up – $24.95

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Hanging Hardware Options

Wood Hanging Cleat

Our wood hanging cleat is durable and will keep your Canvas Float Wraps level with less chance of shifting over time. By placing the ½ inch deep Wood Standoff in the back center of the Canvas Float Wraps, the print will have an illusion of floating off the wall. Install quickly and easily with our step by step instructions you receive with each order.

Metal Hanging Hardware

A metal hardware mount with a Satin Silver finish. The Hardware is attached through four holes, each 5/16 ” of an inch in diameter, one hole in each of the four corners of the print.

The hole location will be 1/2 ” x 1/2 ” on center from each corner for sizes 4×6 ” to 8×10 “. Any print larger than an 8×10 ” will have the holes pushed out to 3/4 ” x 3/4 ” on center from the corners.

How to Order

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