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If you like the look of wood prints but want full color and richness in their images. our new Heritage Wood Prints are for you. Whereas a traditional wood print is a print transfer process that allows some of the natural color and grain to show slightly through the image, Heritage Woods prints are a Fine Art Paper Mounted directly to 3/4” wood with hand sanded corners. No wood color or grain shows through these prints so you get the look of a wood print with true color and clarity in the printed image. Available in two finishes, the final product has a hand-made artisan effect.

photos by: Jolie Molino, Shelli Allen

From 5×7 to 24×30”
Square, Rectangle, Circle, Hexagon, Oval
Heirloom or Legacy
Fine Art Linen Paper, Matte Photo Rag White or Luster
Hanging Hardware
Keyhole Hanger or Rustic Twine Hanger
Production Time
5 Business Days

5×7″ $47.43
8×8″ $51.27 $49.99 $51.27
8×10″ $55.12
8×12″ $55.11
11×14″ $62.81
12×12″ $62.81 $62.81
12×18″ $75.63
16×16″ $75.63 $75.63
16×20″ $88.45
16×24″ $101.27
20×20″ $96.74 $96.74
20×24″ $114.08
24×24″ $140.83 $140.83
20×30″ $165.36
24×30″ $185.87

How do I order in ROES?
To order Heritage Wood Prints select “Heritage Wood Prints” in ROES.

What is the production turn-around time?
The production turn-around time for Heritage Wood Prints is 5 Business Days

What is the shipping turn-around time?
Heritage Wood Prints have a one to four (1-4) day shipping turn-around time for US & Canada

How do I file prep for Heritage Wood Prints?
Please submit your file as a JPEG, TIFF or PNG at 300ppi, in sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998) or ProPhoto RGB color space, with 1/8″ bleed.

What are Heirloom Wood Prints?
Our heirloom prints include UV sprayed Fine Art Linen Paper, Smooth Matte or Photo Rag prints mounted on white birch wood. These prints have a distressed beveled front edge and are available in circle, square, or rectangle shapes.

What are Legacy Wood Prints?
Our Legacy wood prints include luster fine art prints laminated with a matte laminate, then mounted on white birch wood. These prints have a straight front edge and are available in circle, square, or rectangle shapes.

How can I hang my Heritage Wood Prints?
All of our Heritage Wood Prints come ready to hang with a keyhole slot allowing for easy installation.

What are the shipping costs?
Link to shipping

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Heritage Wood Prints Finish Options:

Heirloom Finish

The Heirloom prints come with a Fine Art Linen Paper, Smooth Matte or Photo Rag Print sprayed with a subtle UV coating then Hand Mounted and Hand Sanded with rounded corners and hand sanded beveled front edges for a slightly aged or “Heirloom” look (click photo for larger image). NOTE: Linen Paper actual printed width is 24”

-UV Sprayed Linen Paper, Smooth Matte or Photo Rag
-3/4” Wood Mount
-Square and Rectangle Sizes-5×7-24×30”
-Circle Prints – 8-24”
-Key Hole Hanger

Legacy Finish

The Legacy Finish is a UV Laminated Fine Art Luster Print that is Hand Mounted with hand sanded rounded corners, but without the sanded beveled front edges. These will have straight front edges (click photo for larger image).

-UV Laminated Luster Paper
-3/4” Wood Mount
-Square and Rectangle Sizes-5×7-24×30”
-Circle Prints – 8-20”
-Key Hold Hanger

Exclusive Hand-Sanded Edges with Rounded Corners

Keyhole Hanger or Rustic Twine Hanger

All prints come with a key hole slot on the back for easy hanging.  You can also choose to add a Rustic Twine hanger (This will still include the Key Hole Slot)  to any individual print for no extra charge.  (click photo for larger image).

Heirloom Paper Options





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