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Turn your clients’ prints into art by framing them in a custom Floating Frame! All hand-made collections are offered in a variety of colors and are available for canvas prints and metal prints.

Our exquisite solid wood frames are hand-crafted by professionals and mimic traditional custom framing, but offer wider side panels. A half inch space is left between the canvas and the frame to achieve a three dimensional look without the extra cost of matting or glass.

Rustic Collection: Coordinate your canvas prints with your fine art prints by custom framing them with our Rustic Collection. This collection gives your frames a more rustic, wooden look. With a multitude of diverse styles and colors, they are guaranteed to harmonize with any decor, look trendy and, shall we say, magnifique!

Regal Collection: If you’re looking for a smoother, more finished look then this collection is for you! Available in two colors, brown and black, the Regal Collection is fit for royalty…and of course your clients!

Majestic Collection: This impressive collection is available in three colors, white, brown, and black and guaranteed to add style to your clients’ canvas prints!

Prestige Collection: Give your frames a more modern look with our Prestige Collection! These classy, dual-colored option frames will add a chic look to your client’s home!

Standard Premium Standard Premium
8×10″ $104.90 $161.83 $159.74 $193.70
10×10″ $110.82 $161.83 $174.45 $206.70
10×15″ $125.14 $189.43
11×14″ $125.40 $189.69 $193.70 $254.80
11×16″ $131x.26 $191.62
12×12″ $122.53 $186.91 $193.70 $241.80
12×18″ $140.48 $214.15 $233.73 $271.70
13×19″ $146.89 $224.29
16×16″ $147.44 $224.85 $253.50 $310.70
16×20″ $174.78 $251.53 $258.70 $323.70
16×24″ $187.73 $280.14 $310.70 $375.70
20×20″ $188.71 $281.15 $284.70 $349.70
20×24″ $202.64 $295.35
20×30″ $223.54 $328.18 $321.10 $409.50
24×24″ $223.54 $325.01 $412.10 $492.70
24×30″ $239.95 $352.57 $427.70 $505.70
24×36″ $286.71 $367.70 $448.50 $526.50
30×30″ $288.94 $418.92
30×40″ $314.85 $486.35 $557.70 $669.50

How do I order in ROES?
To order Fine Art Frames select “Framed Fine Art Prints” in ROES.

What is the production turn-around time?
The production turn-around time for Floating Frames is five (5) Business Days

What is the shipping turn-around time?
Floating Frames have a one to five (1-5) day shipping turn-around time for US & Canada

How do I file prep for Floating Frames?
Please submit your file as a JPEG, TIFF or PNG at 300ppi, in sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998) or ProPhoto RGB color space.

What border wrap options do I have for my Floating Frames?
Simply Color Lab offers three canvas border options. You can choose a natural wrap, solid border (any color of your choice) or digitally stretched. See our video tutorials that explain how to setup up these options.

How do I size my photo on ROES to allow for the natural wrap?
The standard depth for our floating frame is 1.5”, so add 2 inches to the height & width in Photoshop. That means 2 inches for the height (top & bottom of image) and 2 inches for the width (left & right sides of the image), giving you a total of 4 inches per dimension.

If I want to order my image with a border or digital stretch in the ROES software, how do I do that?
You will first want to select Canvases located in the Catalog menu of ROES. Click on the Border/Digital Stretch tab and choose your sizing template below. Drag and drop your image into the template. You will see the front face of your image and the blue shaded area where the image will be wrapped. Next, please choose a white, black, colored or digital stretch option for your border.

What sizes are available for floating frames?
Floating frames are available for canvas print size 8”x10” to 40”x60”.

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Heather Grey 1.25''

Vintage White 1.25''

Charcoal 1.25''

Grey 1.25''

Brown 1.25''

Whitewash 1.25''


Black 11/16''

Silver 11/16''

Gold 11/16''

Bronze 11/16''

White 11/16''


Black Thin 3/8''

Gold Thin 3/8''

Silver Thin 3/8''

Pecan Thin 3/8''

Maple Thin 3/8''

White Thin 3/8''

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