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For those of you who may not know us, we are Simply Color Lab…the #1 photo lab choice for Professional Photographers! CEO, Adam Fried, created this company back in 2005, and we have since strived to produce the best quality photo prints in the country. We started out as Simply Canvas, but after four successful years, Simply Color Lab was put into motion.

We now offer a multitude of photo products for our customers to sell to their clients, from high quality Canvas Prints to our Simply Color Lab exclusive three-dimensional Art Walls!

Our production line consists of a team of professionals who hand-craft all of our gorgeous products and never send anything less than flawless out the door. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we welcome new customers everyday! In fact, we are so happy to have new customers that we offer New Customer Discounts! Even if you are an existing customer, we also offer discounts for new products you have never tried before! No…you’re not dreaming!

If all this isn’t exciting enough, we have even more good news! ShootQ, a convenient and resourceful software for photographers, is now part of Simply Color Lab! With ShootQ, professional photographers can market, organize, book and keep track of clients, and so much more all in one place! Start your 30-day free trial now! Sign up before October 21, 2015 and receive a FREE 16×20 Canvas Wrap Block!

So that’s just a little about us. Learn so much more by visiting our website and become a customer, if you haven’t already done so!