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Did you hear the big news? Simply Color Lab‘s high-end photo prints were voted Simply the Best quality by professional photographers, beating out 11 other professional photo print labs!

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I Heart Faces, a popular teaching and inspiring photography blog, (with nearly 70,000 Facebook likers) conducted a totally blind photo lab experiment by sending the same photos to 12 different Professional Print labs to compare and contrast the quality.  None of the labs knew they were being judged, and none of the judges knew which lab sent which images.  (And we should add that none of the labs are sponsors of I Heart Faces)

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And guess what…In the end, Simply Color Labs’ prints came out on top in each and every category.  Even the I Heart Faces team was shocked by the strong favor towards only one lab’s prints! See the full blog post here!

We are so thankful for I Heart Faces for taking the time to share their post and their results with us.  And of course we can’t mention quality without saying a big thank you to our amazing production team.  Thanks guys and gals for making us #1.  And do us a favor, check out I Heart Faces, because we like to share the love.