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The Night Watch, Rembrandt

…A painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn to be exact (just in case your neighbor happens to be Rembrandt Smith, or something). One of his pieces includes the oh-so-popular,The Night Watch.

Notice how luminous and realistic it looks? They really are one-of-a-kind! I’m sure Rembrandt is blushing in his grave and saying something like, “Oh please, go on!” as we go on gushing over his works, but I wonder what he would say when told our professional photo print lab, Simply Color Lab, uses just about the same process he did to create beautiful prints on Metal. Check out just a few of our metal photo print products here!

The process in which Rembrandt used consisted of layering several translucent layers of ink to create incredibly vivid scenes. And, creating metal photo prints does essentially the same thing; several dyes are infused INTO the surface, versus ONTO like when printing on canvas or metallic printing paper, which makes them longer lasting.

Prints on metal make the colors of the photo especially vibrant. We refer to metal as “the HDTV” in the photo print world. Metal prints are also scratch-resistant and waterproof,  perfect for any of our accident-prone clients…err…I mean, to liven up your studio, or your customer’s home!

Aside from the fact that metal prints are essentially fool-proof and can last for generations to pass onto your great-great-grandchildren, they look chic, modern, and will make all of your friends and customers exclaim, “WOW!” They will definitely be impressed by the high-quality vivid color of the medium!

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Simply Color Lab Metal Art Wall, Photo by Anna Hunter of AMH Creatives

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Simply Color Lab ImagePop, Photo by One Sharp Joe

Trying new things can sometimes be scary, but metal prints are worth the risk! Believe me, I wouldn’t steer you  wrong. In the words of Rembrandt, “A painting is not made to be sniffed.” We agree…it’s made to be seen and experienced.

If you’re still iffy about ordering a metal print, check out our website. We offer a plethora of metal products, even three-dimensional pieces, such as our exclusive Metal Art Walls!

What are you waiting for? Give metal a chance to achieve a more vibrant, modern look for your favorite photographs! You won’t be disappointed.