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Heritage Wood Prints

Heritage Wood Prints Heritage Wood Clusters Heritage Wood Letters & Numbers Heritage Wood Accordions If you like the look of wood prints but want full color and richness in their images. our new Heritage Wood Prints are for you.   Whereas a traditional wood print is a print transfer process that allows some of the natural color and grain to show slightly through the image, Heritage Woods prints are a Fine Art Paper Mounted directly to 3/4” wood with hand sanded corners.  No wood color or grain shows through these prints so you get the look of a wood print with true color and clarity in the printed image. Available in two finishes, the final product has a hand-made artisan effect. Heritage Wood Prints Finish Options:Exclusive

Give Metal a Chance

Have you ever seen a Rembrandt? The Night Watch, Rembrandt …A painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn to be exact (just in case your neighbor happens to be Rembrandt Smith, or something). One of his pieces includes the oh-so-popular,The Night Watch. Notice how luminous and realistic it looks? They really are one-of-a-kind! I’m sure Rembrandt is blushing in his grave and saying something like, “Oh please, go on!” as we go on gushing over his works, but I wonder what he would say when told our professional photo print lab, Simply Color Lab, uses just about the same process he did to create beautiful prints on Metal. Check out just a few of our metal photo print products here! The process in which Rembrandt used

Revealing the Magic Behind the Production Process: Canvas Edition

Imagine capturing a breath-taking photograph of a sun setting with your Nikon D300S and thinking, "Wow! That would look great on my wall!" So you open up the ROES ordering system and order a 16x20 Canvas from your favorite photo print lab, Simply Color Lab / Simply Canvas, which you can find here! You send your order, walk away from your computer, and continue on with your day. A few days later a package magically appears on your doorstep. You tear the box open, eager to see what's inside, and....Voilà! The canvas print you ordered sits neatly in the package and now hangs on your wall. As magical as the whole process may seem, with signals being sent through airwaves and boxes appearing out of

Different Kinds of Canvas Gallery Wraps and Pricing

Why are there different kinds of Canvas Gallery Wraps and Pricing?   Seems like we get this question at least once a week.  So, we thought we’d end the confusion.  Yes, there are different kinds of Gallery Wraps.  The Traditional and the New Kind, what we call Canvas Wrap Blocks.  Both are pictured here…they look almost identical from the front. First, the good news is that we have both! And if you considering offering both types, the benefit to purchasing them both from the same company is that there will be no variances in color and quality within your product line up.  We use the same canvas and printing process for both types.   Second, for some reason several companies that only produce the new kind also call their Canvas

Stand out at Bridal Shows!

Wedding season is quickly approaching which means all of you wedding photographers out there are gearing up for bridal shows. Bridal shows are an awesome way to network with all of the local, soon-to-be brides and market your photography studio. But the question is… are you standing out? We recently did a webinar with world-class celebrity wedding photographers, Marc & Tony of Marc Anthony Photography. Check out their tips/ideas on how to grow your business and market your studio successfully. Read More For a limited time get Bridal Show Marketing Kits up to 50% off! These kits were designed by Marc & Tony and have everything you need to stand out at your next bridal show. Order now before they are gone! Order now in