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Top 5 Fall Family Portrait Tips and Tricks

Fall seems to have become everyone's favorite season. The leaves are changing, the smell of Pumpkin Spice is in the air, and....it's family portrait season! Family portraits can be fun but they can also be challenging, especially with large families or grumpy children. Here are the 5 best tips and tricks to achieve the perfect, most natural family portraits! 1.Photograph all possible combinations of family members. You want to make sure you get as many good photos as possible, and by catching different members together is the best way to achieve this. Combinations can include: mom and dad, dad and kids, mom and kids, just kids...you get the picture. (No pun intended) 2.Keep the members who aren't in the frame engaged in the photo shoot.  You

The Nitty Gritty of a Photography Business

Have you ever wondered how to improve your photography business? Besides capturing stunning and innovative photos, of course! Owning a photography business is a tough, competitive field that requires a lot of attention and maintenance. And unless you have an assistant, you're usually doing everything, including marketing, bookings, and the shoots on your own. Recently, we asked our Facebook "likers" what was the best advice they have ever received as a photographer? A few said fair prices. Money is always a sticky subject, but a crucial one nonetheless. Prices need to be high enough that you can sustain a living but low enough to attract clients. You have to know your worth and make sure to demonstrate that to your clients, on your website, and

Darcy Evans Studio of the Month—Dogs Playing Poker.

Art Wall-Image by Darcy Evans Photography Darcy Evans of Darcy Evans Photography has been a Simply Color Lab customer for years and we finally had the chance to meet him in person at WPPI in Las Vegas last month. He came to the booth and introduced himself and told us about the the two silver distinction awards he won in the WPPI 16×20 Print Competition…but he was disappointed in the points given for one of his favorite images. That same image was one he ordered as an Art Wall. When Adam Fried, Founder and CEO of Simply Color, saw the Art Wall in production he emailed Darcy and asked to take some images of it and possibly use it as a product sample. Of course

Behind the Scenes of the NSYNC Celebrity Wedding

Photos courtesy of Marc & Tony artistic photography and design Marc Anthony & Tony Ryan, celebrity wedding photographers who make up Marc & Tony artistic photography and design, are known for their ability to create timeless images for their high-end wedding clients. They credit their success to the fact that they work well as a team and bring a unique, fresh perspective to each shoot. They understand the importance of building relationships with their clients and strive to create products that set themselves apart from other photographers. Their ability to create artistic, timeless images was apparent when Marc & Tony were selected into the top ten photographers to photograph ‘N Sync Founding member, Chris Kirkpatrick and his fiance Karly Skladany’s wedding. Once they made it

Stand out at Bridal Shows!

Wedding season is quickly approaching which means all of you wedding photographers out there are gearing up for bridal shows. Bridal shows are an awesome way to network with all of the local, soon-to-be brides and market your photography studio. But the question is… are you standing out? We recently did a webinar with world-class celebrity wedding photographers, Marc & Tony of Marc Anthony Photography. Check out their tips/ideas on how to grow your business and market your studio successfully. Read More For a limited time get Bridal Show Marketing Kits up to 50% off! These kits were designed by Marc & Tony and have everything you need to stand out at your next bridal show. Order now before they are gone! Order now in

The Game of Marketing with The Modern Tog

Did you know that you can increase your business like crazy just by marketing it? Well, Jamie Swanson, founder of The Modern Tog, an industry-leading business resource for photographers, tells you how marketing grew her part-time hobby in to a full-time business, while giving you tips along the way! Like many photographers, Jamie started as a hobbyist, capturing life’s precious moments. But, others around her took notice of her talent & started asking her to take photograph for them. Shortly after, she started an official part-time photography business. It was then she realized her true passion for the photography business. “…I [previously] worked a really well-paying corporate job with fabulous benefits; but, eventually, I realized how much I loved running a business and pursued photography

Studio of the Month: Noreen Nooner Photography

For Noreen Nooner, photography has become second nature. Starting as a hobbyist, she eventually grew to be a full-time photographer. But, what wasn’t always an easy road eventually became a smooth-sailing path & she now feels blessed to have such a talent. Noreen started by taking pictures of her kids at sporting events. After posting the pictures online, other parents started asking her to take pictures of their kids. “The more I took pictures…the more I received requests for sessions,” said Noreen. “It’s such an honor [for me] when my clients call me and ask me to be part of a special moment in their lives.” But, her photography came to a halt when her nephew tragically passed away. “I received a call from my

The Ruff Business

Four legs, smiles, fur & a camera are just a few things that Jamie Pflughoeft experiences every day as a professional pet photographer. Jamie owns Cowbelly Pet Photography, a Seattle-based company that specializes in taking pictures of cats and dogs. Recently, we spoke with Jamie about her business. As an undergrad studying animal behavior at the University of Washington, & part-time dog walker, Jamie began taking photos of her furry friends.  But, what started as a hobby blossomed into more when her friend suggested she start a pet photography business. So, taking her friend’s advice, Jamie created Cowbelly Pet Photography in 2003. It has since grown to be an industry-leading business. Jamie prefers to use natural lighting to shoot her subjects.  She stated she may have

“Plus a Whole Lotta Fun” is Right!

In the March issue of Rangefinder magazine you may have come across a 4 page pull-out ad that is a unique look into what makes Simply Color Lab. The ad perfectly complimented a featured article on Simply Color Lab’s friends Marc Anthony Photography which was titled “Perfect Chaos”. The article discusses Marc Anthony and Tony Ryan’s “Bridal Party Tableau” which is a photography style that has set them apart from a competitive industry. Bridal Party Tableau is a high-end style of photography that is meant to bring out the members of the bridal party’s natural personalities. The beauty is to capture a shot that looks candid but in a very glamorous way. The inspiration came from a Vanity Fair cover shoot that was photographed by

Simply Color’s Engagement Photo Contest Winner!

Victoria Bozic took the win in the Simply Color Engagement Photo Contest with this gorgeous vintage-inspired photograph! With her fantastic use of space and lighting, she captured a perfect moment with this adorable couple. See what she has to say about her photo below. “The theme for this particular engagement session was ‘A Vintage Picnic’. I worked together with this lovely couple to gather props and decide on the wardrobe to give the session a 1940′s feel. We used the movie ‘The Notebook’ as inspiration for the concept. This particular photo was taken toward the end of the session in a local town that had many old fashioned looking buildings. I was going for a romantic, Old Hollywood feel for this photo. I had my off
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