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Marc Anthony & Tony Ryan, celebrity wedding photographers who make up Marc & Tony artistic photography and design, are known for their ability to create timeless images for their high-end wedding clients. They credit their success to the fact that they work well as a team and bring a unique, fresh perspective to each shoot. They understand the importance of building relationships with their clients and strive to create products that set themselves apart from other photographers.

Their ability to create artistic, timeless images was apparent when Marc & Tony were selected into the top ten photographers to photograph ‘N Sync Founding member, Chris Kirkpatrick and his fiance Karly Skladany’s wedding. Once they made it into the top ten, they had the chance to talk to the bride via conference call.

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“The bride really wanted to get a feel for us, our personalities and how we work… It was very important to them that our personalities clicked and also, that we were not star struck,” Tony said.

There were a few ways Marc & Tony stood out from their competition. First, they were fortunate enough to have a planner as an advocate for them when it came to booking the wedding. Plus, their website focuses on showing their contemporary edge of glamor and vintage fashion when photographing weddings; a different approach than their competitors, who focus more on fashion and art.

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Photographing a celebrity wedding is not all fun and games. There were strict rules about where they could shoot and also they were the only people allowed to have a camera at the wedding to keep the event a private ordeal.

“After the wedding was over we went back to our room and edited all night to show our clients their images the next morning. Once the press selected their favorite images, we needed to send the files to the correct media outlets,” Tony said.

Once the day-of wedding excitement was over, Marc & Tony decided to create a beautiful Art Wall for Chris & Karly (a product exclusively sold at Simply Color Lab). Art Walls are completely unique and are definitely for clients who want to make a statement. Chris and Karly entertain a lot so they were the perfect clients to showcase a truly original piece of art in their home. “We personally flew down and installed the Art Wall for them. They have already received a number of compliments on the piece” Tony said. Art Walls are a conversation piece that will definitely have other potential high-end clients asking where they can get one. These art installations are created from either Canvas, Paper or Metal Prints. This unique and innovative approach to imagery is the perfect way to show off your creativity to your clients. Click here for more on Art Walls.

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A second Art Wall was created for Socially Artistic Events by Catan’s Bridal. Socially Artistic is the company who planned and designed the Kirkpatrick wedding. Catan’s Bridal is the largest bridal salon in the United States and they are the ones who dressed Karly and her bridesmaids. This art wall was a way to thank them for the referral, and it will hang in the front entrance of the store. Catan’s Bridal draws in brides from across the country, and they are all in need of a fabulous wedding photographer. When they see the Art Wall with Marc & Tony’s logo next to it, it will make quite an impression on them.

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Marc & Tony had a successful photo shoot with Chris and Karly and credit their ability to book this wedding to their planner, their website, their respect for client privacy, and ability to create images that stood apart from their competitors. Not only did their images set them apart from their competitors, but their product offerings, like the unique Art Wall, also helped Marc &Tony. Most importantly, they learned that once clients feel comfortable with you, you have the ability able to book a shoot with anyone.

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