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Did you know that you can increase your business like crazy just by marketing it? Well, Jamie Swanson, founder of The Modern Tog, an industry-leading business resource for photographers, tells you how marketing grew her part-time hobby in to a full-time business, while giving you tips along the way!

Like many photographers, Jamie started as a hobbyist, capturing life’s precious moments. But, others around her took notice of her talent & started asking her to take photograph for them.

Shortly after, she started an official part-time photography business. It was then she realized her true passion for the photography business.

“…I [previously] worked a really well-paying corporate job with fabulous benefits; but, eventually, I realized how much I loved running a business and pursued photography full-time,” said Jamie.

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However, as her business went on, Jamie found herself having an unexpected realization.

“After starting our business, I was surprised to find that I was even more fascinated with the business side of things than photography [even though I loved photography]!” said Jamie.

So, after a year, Jamie started dabbling in the world of marketing so that she could take her business to the next level.

“…I started learning about marketing in earnest. I read everything I could about it, tried all sorts of things, and found what worked and what didn’t,” said Jamie.

Here are just a few things Jamie recommends for marketing your business:

  • Know who your ideal client is—If they’re a mom, family, senior, etc., reach out to them in a way they’d be attracted to….speak their language!
  • Network, network, network! Do you have other business owners you look up to? Build relationships with them so that you can share client lists.
  • Start an e-newsletter—Use an email service to keep clients up-to-date on your business, sales, etc.

But, how did Jamie find out which marketing strategies work? The answer may surprise you—she looked outside the photography industry!

“I looked at other successful businesses that had bridged the online gap and were super-successful using internet marketing. Then I applied these principles to photography and they worked well,” said Jamie.

“….Marketing was much like a strategy game to me. There are lots of different ways to earn points, so you have to look at where you’re at and be flexible with how you approach things and often use a multi-tiered approach,” said Jamie.

And so far, Jamie’s strategies have worked. Her once-hobby has grown in to a full-time business in less than three years—all with the help of marketing.

So, how can you get to Jamie’s insanely-good marketing level? Join us & Jamie for our free webinar on Oct. 8 @ 11am EST. She’ll share some simple marketing tips & strategies that will take your business to the next level! Register here:

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By Olivia Day