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Top 5 Fall Family Portrait Tips and Tricks

By July 13, 2016No Comments

Fall seems to have become everyone’s favorite season. The leaves are changing, the smell of Pumpkin Spice is in the air, and….it’s family portrait season! Family portraits can be fun but they can also be challenging, especially with large families or grumpy children. Here are the 5 best tips and tricks to achieve the perfect, most natural family portraits!

[mpc_sh_dropcaps background=”#6cb33f” color=”#ffffff” size=”small”]1.[/mpc_sh_dropcaps]Photograph all possible combinations of family members. You want to make sure you get as many good photos as possible, and by catching different members together is the best way to achieve this. Combinations can include: mom and dad, dad and kids, mom and kids, just kids…you get the picture. (No pun intended)

[mpc_sh_dropcaps background=”#6cb33f” color=”#ffffff” size=”small”]2.[/mpc_sh_dropcaps]Keep the members who aren’t in the frame engaged in the photo shoot.  You want the families (especially the children) to stay focused and not get bored, to avoid them checking out of the shoot early. A good way to do this is to have the kids make funny faces at their parents while you’re taking photos; this will also allow for more natural, fun photos.

[mpc_sh_dropcaps background=”#6cb33f” color=”#ffffff” size=”small”]3.[/mpc_sh_dropcaps]Take pictures while they’re taking a break. Smiling for too long can make anyone’s face sore, your clients will probably need a short break in the middle of the shoot. Use this opportunity to capture relaxed poses and honest actions.

[mpc_sh_dropcaps background=”#6cb33f” color=”#ffffff” size=”small”]4.[/mpc_sh_dropcaps]Capture moments that will document how much they’ve grown. Put kids next to mom and dad, or next to each other. You want your families to look back at the photos and say, “Wow! Look how much you’ve grown! What ever happened to that photographer? Let’s call them!”

[mpc_sh_dropcaps background=”#6cb33f” color=”#ffffff” size=”small”]5.[/mpc_sh_dropcaps]Have fun with it! Make sure your clients are having fun and you are too! Even if you’re dealing a crying child or you haven’t had your coffee yet, don’t let it bring down the mood. Having fun ensures better pictures and happier clients!
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