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In the March issue of Rangefinder magazine you may have come across a 4 page pull-out ad that is a unique look into what makes Simply Color Lab. The ad perfectly complimented a featured article on Simply Color Lab’s friends Marc Anthony Photography which was titled “Perfect Chaos”. The article discusses Marc Anthony and Tony Ryan’s “Bridal Party Tableau” which is a photography style that has set them apart from a competitive industry. Bridal Party Tableau is a high-end style of photography that is meant to bring out the members of the bridal party’s natural personalities. The beauty is to capture a shot that looks candid but in a very glamorous way. The inspiration came from a Vanity Fair cover shoot that was photographed by Annie Leibovitz.


This is exactly what we got when Marc & Tony came to Simply Color Lab for the day. They positioned and posed the crew of employees as well as giving each one a personality or job to embody. As the shoot began, everyone started to fall into their natural character and the shot morphed into something more. We loved having Marc & Tony at Simply Color Lab! Watch our video on the making of our ad and read the “Perfect Chaos” article.