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Victoria Bozic took the win in the Simply Color Engagement Photo Contest with this gorgeous vintage-inspired photograph! With her fantastic use of space and lighting, she captured a perfect moment with this adorable couple. See what she has to say about her photo below.

“The theme for this particular engagement session was ‘A Vintage Picnic’. I worked together with this lovely couple to gather props and decide on the wardrobe to give the session a 1940′s feel. We used the movie ‘The Notebook’ as inspiration for the concept.

This particular photo was taken toward the end of the session in a local town that had many old fashioned looking buildings. I was going for a romantic, Old Hollywood feel for this photo. I had my off camera flash illuminating the couple and used a high shutter speed to reduce the amount of ambient light. I love the texture of the stone wall of this old courthouse in the background. I also love the wistful, romantic feel of the image. It was a pleasure photographing this beautiful couple, and I think this photo will always be one of my favorites.”

Check out Victoria’s blog and Facebook page too.
And don’t forget to enter your photo during the next round for your chance to win, the contest is still going!